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Cloud Journey Cloud is becoming the new normal. Getting to the cloud is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight.An enterprise’s journey to the cloud can and should be fluid. On this journey you have the opportunity to lower costs, move faster, develop new skills, and deliver more reliable, globally available, services to your customers.

A vendor-neutral look at the key design considerations,define migration goals, estimate costs, and avoid common mistakes. Explore popular options such as rehosting, replatforming, and SaaS adoption.


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Netlabs has had the opportunity to speak to dozens of our enterprise customers across many industries, hailing from all over the world. Combining this with our experience, netlabs has created a pattern called Cloud Adoption Journey:

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Netlabs Cloud Adoption Journey
This could be a well-defined project or an R&D effort with vague success metrics. Common initial use cases in the enterprise include simple websites, mobile application back ends, disaster recovery sites, additional capacity in development and test environments, non-mission critical application migrations, or the desire to create a new standard for upcoming work.
This establishes the connectivity so that AWS can be used as an extension of existing corporate networks. Network engineers should do this thoughtfully in order to not expose anything that would make the organization uncomfortable, but otherwise this is a very straightforward exercise that should take hours, not days or weeks.
Most workloads in the enterprise will fall into this category. Generally there will be some critical asset that sits within existing infrastructure that will take time to move to the cloud. There are likely other, more nimble, systems that depend on this asset that are immediate migration candidates. Focusing on these systems first will reveal significant benefit while building the experience and confidence needed to move the shared asset later.
Setting up dedicated connections from on premise data centers to AWS facilities may be required for network intensive applications operating in hybrid mode. In my experience you’ll know when you need this. It should not be viewed as prerequisite to try hybrid workloads.
As more assets move into AWS and take advantage of the features of the platform, an organization may reach a tipping point where it becomes more capable of implementing entire systems in the cloud than in a hybrid environment.
A specialized team in SRE, will allow your applications to have the best SLA, working in a performant and safe way