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Whether you are looking to develop ETLs and use cases on your Big Data solution, or you are just starting and need to design and build it from scratch, our engineering team will help you reach your Big Data goals. We are specialized on Big Data infrastructure platforms, solutions and use cases that run on top of it, either if you prefer on-premise solutions on your datacenter or public cloud providers like AWS

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We are with you ,
every step of the way

A data-driven world is one of the great benefits of the ongoing digital transformation, but at the same time it requires complex analysis, a set of software, work techniques and analysis (data science) - and, mainly, a new way of thinking for those who intend to use all this. After all, for business decisions to be made considering data management, with the speed and assertiveness that is required, it is essential that this amount of information is analyzed and processed so that it is truly useful for executives and leaders.

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Data Journey The Data Journey includes the three steps necessary for a company to carry out data management - whether the data originated in the organization itself or not, whether the data is structured or not - with the aim of generating insights that effectively help policyholders. decision making. Each of the steps includes a set of processes and technologies.
Collection and Transfer

Data is constantly generated, by people and by objects, whether they are collected by companies or not. However, achieving competitive advantages in a digitally transformed world requires obtaining this data. For this data to be stored and analyzed, it must first reach the companies.

Storage and Processing

The data can reach the domain of the companies, but it must be placed in a safe and easily accessible place, obviously without sacrificing security. Another great advantage of the cloud is that all this information can be processed in a data center, which offers the necessary processing capacity at a variable cost, that is, paying only for what is used.

Analysis and presentation layer

This is where the work of data scientists begins. By applying the principles of Data Science, that is, a set of methodologies and software (Big Data and Analytics), it is possible to group and find patterns in the stored data. Artificial Intelligence techniques (such as Machine Learning) can also be used to automate this process and accelerate the obtaining of value. Once generated, the insights must reach the decision maker and then their teams.

Fernando Leis
CMO Movistar Uruguay & Business Inteligence Director

"We chose Netlabs, a partner with whom we have worked for more than 20 years, for the support, security and execution capacity that only true experts in their field know how to provide. We feel that they are the ideal partner to accompany us on the path of constant innovation represented by Big Data and artificial intelligence, thanks to their vast experience, ability to extend our technical teams and their support and first-rate specialists. "

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