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Scalability is essential for any enterprise software, and even more if you are building a B2C platform. Software systems should be Designed for Scalability from the start which leads to better user experience, higher agility for new features and lower maintenance costs later.

We consider a system scalable when it doesn’t need to be redesigned to maintain the required effective performance during or after a steep increase in workload, and when it can grow or change with the user’s demands.

What does Scalable Software Development imply?
Its not only writing high quality software, its also...

Choosing the right tech, the right programming language, the right cloud architecture, the right database, and the right communications infrastructure

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Design a system that scales as your business grow without the need to redesign it, avoiding having single points of failure and with the appropriate balance between Server side and Client side

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Nowadays, no system runs independently, your systema will need to interact with current and future partners, so defining the right APIs from the very beginning is critical for your future, you also need to pay attention to define what and when to cache data.

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